How to transfer a single post or selected posts from one blog to another?

A couple of days ago, I had to transfer a post from one of my blogs to for mirroring purposes. This may be something you will rarely need but it happens. I had a post which became very popular and at the time I transferred the post there was 900 plus comments in that post. Handling huge amount of comments in WordPress is another issue, I’ll try to mention that later in this post but now I will move on to ‘how i did it’ section.

I created another user in my WordPress installation. That’s very easy, you just go to users on the right of the WordPress admin menu and add a new user, of course with a different name than yours. You can also set its password and other details there but that part is irrelevant with what we are going to do. Then go to post(s) you want to export exclusively and edit them by changing their author. You can do that in the post editing page below the editor.

Then go to ‘manage’ and select export. There, you will have the option of restricting posts you will export to a certain author. Select your newly created author for exporting his posts. Then click ‘download export file’ and you are done. You have an export file where your selected posts are included. Now you can use that file for importing them on any other WordPress blog provided that they have the proper version of WordPress, I mean supporting this export – import thing.

For more practical options, when you need a temporary place to export & import your posts, just use Go to and create a new blog for just that. Don’t forget to set privacy options there so you don’t have duplicate content in case search engine robots hit your carrier blog at the time. It may be also proper to close the blog for normal visitors too, according to what you do with that blog.

Using a blog is especially a necessity when you transfer posts from Blogger (blogspot) to WordPress because self hosted WordPress still lacks that functionality. The option is there but it doesn’t work (taking about 2.6.2 at the time of this writing).

Well, it’s that easy. Now let’s discuss the scalability of WordPress when it comes to hundreds of comments. In my case, WordPress was not able to handle them for me. Both the amount of comments (900 plus) and the traffic was heavy on that single page. There wasn’t any issue with the server. The traffic and the server load this page created was equal to any page that would receive the same amount of traffic and attention. Pagination of comments is a solution but it didn’t work for me because I find existing plugins immature. The only solution to this in the future might be that WordPress have built-in, nature pagination feature for comments, like in Drupal. Most probably that was why Dooce made the switch to Drupal from WordPress. She opens her posts to discussion rarely (only every four or five posts) and she receives thousands of comments under those posts.

If your receive less than 100 comments on your posts than WordPress is scalable for your in termes of comment load handling. But if your receive hundreds of comments on each of your post than WordPress may not be the best option for you. Of course there are ways for handling this however a naked WordPress installation is just not sufficient to handle 1000 comments effectively.

Let’s go back to our transfer business. That’s how I did it. I mirrored the post with all the comments to a blog and everybody looks happy now. Don’t forget to close comments and pings while you start exporting those posts because it is very possible to receive comments after you have started the export process and those comments will get lost.

Another tip: I copied everything for that post. The text, the url and the exact date and time. Then I have recreated the same post with the same url with the same date and time. Then I closed the post for comments and only opened them for pings. I also stated in a single comment that discussion is now going on in another address, in a mirror. Now, things are fine. Everybody is happy, including me.

One last thing that I have learned from this experience: It is a wise thing to close comments after a period of time you have published a post. I think one month is convenient. Otherwise, the post’s comments turn into a forum instead of a discussion of what you have written.

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4 Responses to “How to transfer a single post or selected posts from one blog to another?”

  1. Pure Pakistani Says:

    That was really helpful. I thought a lot about how can I do it. But thanks to you. And I had less then 100 comments so, I didn’t have to do anything extra.

    Thanks again.

  2. Martha Says:

    WOW! Thank you SO MUCH! you just saved me hours of copy/pasting!

  3. how to videos Says:

    Hey thanks a lot. I just transferred over one blog post that did not really fit on my travel blog! It was a post about how to hack wep network. I wrote it while I was travelling and then posted it on my travel blog. Now that it is very popular I thought I would switch it over to my new how to website. Good article, thanks!