If content is king, vertical content is god

It’s obvious that good content always brings visitors in. More important than good content is good and vertical content which means putting emphasize on a single topic.

If you look at blogs in the Technorati top 100, you will find out that almost all of them are vertical in the sense of topic they are publishing posts about.

What are the reasons that vertical content is profitable than mixed good content? Well, primary reason is search engine optimization and the leads that search engines create.

When you look at websites or other resources that claim to provide high profit keywords, they often look like meaningless. They are usually not meaningful. If there is one keyword, of course there is nothing to talk about meaning. One word is meaningful, naturally. I am talking about phrases. There are phrases that sounds silly for the first look. However, they are not phrases for everyday life. They are simply search terms that users put in the search box.

At this moment, remember on some searches we made on the net brings results like one or two words are in a sentence and the third word we are looking for is in another sentence or another paragraph or sometimes even on another post or article at the same page.

Now this is where the vertical content plays a role. Since sincerely writing on a topic and nıt trying to stuffing keywords in your writings would result poor search engine results, search engines try to collect data not only in terms of a single post or article or a block on your web page. Instead, they try to understand your topic on a variety of measures.

So, when you feel very competent on a subject, then what you have to do is to write different aspects on that subject in a single web site.

You can choose the catch-all way and put a variety of subjects in one blog or website, but then search engines either put you in a wrong category in terms of a topic or they would not get your subject at all. This is also why blogs concentrated on a certain subject always have better search results. This is because of the structure of a blog. On any front or archive page in a blog, there are 10 posts on average. If they are almost on same subject then it is very easy for a search engine robot to identify and connotate your blog with that subject.

This is of course also very important when it comes to related text advertising. On any given day, if you have at least tens of posts in your blog on a certain subject and you suddenly post something entirely different or something very short, ads sontinue to display in the context of your subject in general.

As a conclusion, if you blog for fun then you don’t need to stick with a certain topic. If you are blogging for the purpose of making money out of text advertising then you should pay attention to create vertical content. You’ll be more profitable that way.

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